In a short space of time, Jean-Michel Basquiat has established himself as one of the most reproduced artists of all.

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The combination of contemporary, wild strokes of brushes and pencils, allied with extraordinary colour have lifted him alongside the likes of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jackson Pollock.

Whilst our website offers historical information on the artist himself, we do not offer reproductions of his work. These are subject to licenses which art retailers such as have obtained. themselves offer a great selection of work from his short but prolific career. There are also opportunities for framing with inlay cards. All tastes are accounted for.

Several high profile exhibitions of his work have helped to propel his reputation across the mainstream art world. His lively style has picked up thousands of fans in a short space of time. His uniqueness as a successful Afro-Carribbean artist have also helped him to stand out from the crowd.